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140° Roof Smoke Vent with Daily ventilation

Surespan SRHP/AOV and SRHE/AOV Smoke Vents can be made to any size up to 1800 x 3000mm. They are fully compliant with EN12101-2 and CE Marked. The thermally broken AOV is insulated with a U-value of 0.43 W/m²K. On sizes smaller than 1300 x 1300 (SRHP/AOV), Non-combustible Mineral Wool insulation can be specified. Surespan smoke vents can also be used as roof access and daily ventilation.

The thermally broken lid incorporates an unbroken bubble and blade seal. The standard height of upstand is 300mm. The remaining parts of the upstand are filled with 50mm thick CFC and HCFC free Polyisocyanurate insulation. This offers a high level of thermal insulation against heat loss and condensation, together with excellent sound absorption properties. A T4 Adapt or kerb can be fitted to allow installation onto an existing weathered builder’s kerb (by others).

Aluminium Curb liner fitted as standard.

All of our smoke ventilators are manufactured to meet the requirements of Building Regulations, Approved Document B, BS9999 and EN12101-2 and are supplied CE marked.

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AQUA Ventilated Upstand Access

Surespan’s ‘Aqua’ stainless steel Ventilated Reservoir Covers are rated 250 kg/m2 loading. The cover has a ventilated lid fitted with insect-proof micromesh inserts that allow the hatch to breathe and to prevent it with contamination.

A highly effective EPDM sponge seal is fitted as standard.The stainless steel gas springs ensure the lid is easily opened, which then locks in position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure of the Ventilated Reservoir Covers.

A shrouded padlock hasp is fitted as standard, though other locking options – including locking boxes and electrical interlock – are available.

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BG Boxed Glazed Roof Access

Surespan boxed glazed rooftop access is the perfect option for terraced access. 35.5mm sealed double glazed unit will comprise Pilkington 6mm toughened K polished all round outer pane, 20mm Warm Edge silver spacer Bar argon filled, Pilkington 9.5mm toughened & laminated inner pane. This sealed glazed unit has a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K.

The opening mechanism for the boxed glazed rooftop access is low noise in operation and has built in electronic solid-state controls with battery back-up, manual override, speed control.

Note: We recommend all glazed hatches to be installed on a 5° pitch to stop water ponding.

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Drop Down Escape Ladder

In an emergency, this permanently fixed fire escape ladder changes from a slim drainpipe like unit into a safe and sturdy means of escape. Just pull out the lock pin, the ladder folds out and transforms into an easy to use solid ladder.

Fire escape ladders should be fitted as close to escape window as possible. A connection kit including all drill bits, fixing kits, bolts and plugs are included with each ladder. Available with optional electromagnetic release.

Tested to BS EN 131-2.
Load tests with reference to BS ISO 131-2:2010. Ladder was subjected to a veritcal load of 345Kg at the extreme outer end of the rungs, assuming the load is applied to the center the load values would almost double.

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E Class Heavy Duty Hatch

Surespan type EHDC E Class Heavy Duty Floor Access Covers are designed to take loadings of up to 16 tonnes. Manufactured in cast aluminium alloy. The aluminium alloy hatches can can take loadings from 5 to 16 tonnes (FACTA class B to E) and are available in standard single, double and multi leaf sizes.

They are gas spring operated, making them easy to open, and come with a range of locking options, including Surespan’s unique locking box. E Class Heavy Duty Floor Access Hatch UK.

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Electrical Hatches

Surespan Electrical Actuated access equipment can be supplied with associated control panels and accessories from a simple single operator control through to full control systems incorporating smoke detectors and Firemans override panels.See adjacent for our basic single actuator control system with plug and play control and a more complex access hatch configuration such as a double leaf sequenced with synchronising actuators complete with rain sensor and fire alarm interface.

Our electrical control systems can be based on standard configured systems or completely bespoke to suit the customers wants and needs. A battery backed power supply is standard for all essential systems (e.g. AOV’s) and as an option for non-essential systems.

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Glazed Walk-on Floorlight Access

Surespan PaveVent glazed pavement lights and walk on rooflights are designed with a pan type lid and structural bond system which provides a slim sightline as standard.

Standard system performance will cope with light maintenance loads right up to heavy pedestrian and traffic loads.

Surespan glazed pavement lights and non-opening PaveVents are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. With walk-on-glass. TripleLite 34mm thick glass to suit pedestrian loading only, 1.4 kN concentrated and 1.5 kN m2 UDL and a U value of 5.4 w/m2k. The frame is ventilated to suit your free air requirements using stainless micro mesh filters.

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HIAC Recessed Floor Hatch

Surespan’s balanced action internal and external floor access covers are designed to cover a wide range of applications and finishes, from patterned tread plate to carpet or vinyl tiles, through to recess for timber, ceramics, concrete or walk-on glass.

Featuring gas spring assisted operation, these access covers allow fingertip opening of the lid.

HIAC access covers can be provided with a water catchment channel and drain point, making them suitable for use in wet areas, such as swimming pool walkways etc.

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RSI Upstand Floor Hatch

Surespan RSI aluminium single or double leaf upstand floor access covers are rated at 2.5 or 5kN/m2 loading. The patent marine alloy frame incorporates a single or double unbroken EPDM seal, to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture offering water and near airtight seal. Vented, insulated and airtight options are available.

The access covers come complete with high grade stainless steel gas spring assisted lids, which are locked in the open position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure. A stainless steel slam action cab lock is fitted as standard to lock the lids.

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SAC Biomass Flush Cover

Manufactured in magnesium alloy with marine alloy frames or, alternatively, stainless steel. Surespan biomass plant access hatches offer the ultimate in design; with gas spring assisted aluminium tread plate lid that locks in the open position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

Available from pedestrian rating to D400 loading in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of finishes including polyester powder coating.Double unbroken EPDM seals incorporated in the frame help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture offering near water and airtight seal. Any water passing the seals will be dispersed via an integral drainage channel, which is fitted with a Tailpiece Adaptor.

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SAC Floor Hatch

Surespan SAC flush access covers have been designed for a wide range of applications and industries, including water treatment, loading bays, plant access and emergency exits.They are manufactured in magnesium alloy with marine alloy frames, stainless steel or galvanised steel . Surespan access covers offer the ultimate in design, with a gas spring assisted aluminium tread plate lid that locks in the open position with a safety hold-open stay to prevent against accidental closure.

Available from pedestrian rating to Factor Class E loading in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of finishes including polyester powder coating.

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SDP/AOV Domed Smoke Vents

The Surespan Roof top AOV smoke vent offer exemplary functional safety and reliability, fully CE marked. The Ventilator can be supplied with a triple glazed polycarbonate dome in clear or diffused variants, The unit has a 300mm high thermally broken aluminium upstand that is suitable for use with the majority of roofing membranes.

The unit can also be used to incorporate natural day to day ventilation in your project. The Units actuators are off set within the aperture and this allows the unit to also be used for maintenance access to the roof of your project.

The units can be supplied to your free vent area requirements in either a geometric or aerodynamic value.


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